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Hotel "Moskva"

  • Address: Okhotny Ryad street, Building 2
  • Nearest Metro station: "Theatre", "Okhotny Ryad" and "Revolution Square"
  • Coordinates GPS:
    - Latitude 55 ° 45'24 .26 "N (55.756738)
    - Longitude: 37 ° 36'59 .91 "E (37.616641)

Hotel "Moscow" is considered as one of the oldest and largest hotels of the capital of Russia. It was built in 1033-1935 years. In the history of Moscow, the hotel occupies a special place. "Moscow" - the first hotel, which was built in the Russian capital in the USSR. She - a monument of Soviet architecture, which was built a few hundred meters from the Kremlin walls - in the heart of the Russian capital.

For many years, this hotel is considered central to the country. The decision to build was made in the late 20's of the last century. It was intended as a kind of magnificent symbol of the socialist system, the antipode "national" and "Metropolis" - the famous pre-revolutionary seating. To build this place, demolished "Okhotny Ryad" with all of its arcades, rows, churches and restaurants. Chapel of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the Church of St. Paraskeva also been destroyed.

Of course, the years of doing their job, and comfortable hotel "Moscow" was gradually reduced, and in the late XX century, with difficulty restraining chetyrehzvezdnochnoy status. In 2000, the building was declared an emergency, and by the end of summer 2004, it was demolished. In 2005 they built a new hotel. Of course, the appearance of the new building has changed: he was not as pompous decoration of the facade, which faces the Theatre Way, and the facade was composed of 6 floors on that side. By the height of the new Manezh Square hotel is 16 floors.

Modernly equipped rooms, suites, conference rooms, a shopping arcade, business center, underground parking - there will be everything. Expensive shops, restaurants and cafes are located on the first floor of the new building. The building has been completed, there now being only finishing work, and equipped rooms. In 2013, the administration of the hotel "Moscow" has scheduled its first guests.

  Гостиница "Москва"
E-mail otel-moskva@yandex.ru